offered me a great platform to sell!

online_making_moneyI have tried for a couple of months now to make my first few dollars online. I knew that I was really good at certain things, and that people would want to work with me, but I never could figure out a great way to get my services in front of people. I tried posting on forums, placing free ads on websites like Craigslist, and emailing blog owners. None of these places led to anything that was sustainable, or even really profitable, after I factored in my time spent trying to get the sale.

When I stumbled upon, I was not sure what to expect. I has seen other making money from home websites, and they all seemed to offer some type of system or tactic that never went anywhere. I found to be anything but a cheap system or tactic! What they have actually done is provided a really great platform for me to place my services in front of a lot of people that are interested in buying! All I had to do was write a description of my service that I am providing, and helped me get customers! This has been great, because it has allowed me to get started with my home business, while at the same time create relationships with buyers that I hope will prove to be lucrative in the long run.

The platform is super easy to work with, which I think has a lot to do with why customers come back to over and over again. There are several different vendors on the site, myself included, and we all have unique expertise that can benefit different customers in a number of different ways. Also, I love the fact that I am not locked into one specific price like I am with some other online vendors that offer a similar service to I cannot wait to add another gig and continue to grow with!