Travel to Maldives

The Maldives is in fact a compact island nation inside the heart inside the Indian Ocean. The nearest nations are India (roughly 400km) and Sri Lanka (about 700km) towards the north-east. Consisting of additional than 1000 islets stretching from north to south, the double-chain of 26 atolls consists of only about 200 inhabited islands! That leaves a additional 800+ unexplored islands for the pleasure; a single can see the appeal of island hopping inside the blissful tranquillity with the Maldives holidays. Check out this aerial view to Maldives, shot though approaching the islands.

The population from the Maldives is about 390,000 (2010 estimate) and also the nation spans a territorial place of a whopping 90,000km squared. Nonetheless, a majority (99%!) of that is water, bringing the total land mass to just beneath 300 square kilometers. This distinctive geographical constellation is amongst the greatest attractions for holidays to Maldives; Drifting lazily about the islands will bring you face to face with all of the raw nature inside the tropics – as an example in case you land on a tiny unexplored sand bank or uncover the astounding coral formations inside the Maldives. The highest point inside the Maldives is in fact a mere two.3 meters above sea level, the prevalent at about 1.5 meters, which tends to produce the nation the lowest country on planet earth!